We teach you how to use your mobile device to create high-quality evangelistic content.

Actor Sobantu Nqayi presents this simple and revolutionary series on harnessing the power of mobile video. In this series of 5 videos, he explains everything you need to know about mobile filmmaking, from start to finish, and focuses on some practical tasks that you can complete to upskill easily.

In each of the videos, we inspire you to explore the possibilities of your mobile device and test practical aspects that allow you to harness the power of mobile video for your church or ministry.

In this course you will:

1. Learn everything you need to know about mobile video

2. Learn how to maximise your mobile phone's video capabilities

3. Understand the difference between mobile production and professional video equipment

4. Get up to speed with the latest video editing software and apps for your phone

5. Understand the pitfalls of mobile filmmaking