About CV North America

Here at CV North America, we partnered with local churches in our area to produce a training to teach you how to evangelize to inmates behind bars. With a heart to reach the lost, we want to empower you to go and do the Great Commission!

The Speakers

Pastor Larry Miles oversees Trinity's Prison and Jail Ministry along with the Usher/Sentinel Team. He also served on the Texas Board of Criminal Justice in Austin, Texas.

Pastor Jon Melander has previously overseen Prison Ministry at Life Fellowship Church in Mckinney, TX. He now pastors the Anna campus.
Pastor Stephen Wilson is the prison campuses pastor for Gateway Church Prison Ministry. Gateway launched its first prison campus in November 2018 and is actively planning additional campus launches in prisons throughout Texas.

Pastor Stefan Klussmann is the now former executive Pastor for Outreach and Operations for Life Fellowship Church. He founded Maranatha Ministries in March 2024, a global missions oriented nonprofit.

Pastor Logan Williams is the Prison Ministry Coordinator for Life Fellowship Church and a former inmate. He gave his life to Christ while in prison attending a Life Fellowship service and now is on staff, giving back to the place he came from.

Digital Tools

The Pando App is a revolutionary way for inmates to connect with God and church through facility tablets. This remarkable development is an opportunity for you to give inmates the resources to build their faith behind bars. Join in by bringing hope and spiritual growth to incarcerated individuals. 

Starting With A Plan

In this section, you will learn why it's so important, how to create a plan, what you need to know to get started, and building relationships.


In this section, you will learn how to sustain long term within the prisons. You will learn how to train volunteers, safety, addressing burnout, and setting expectations.

Preparing for Re-Entry

In this section, you will learn how to build the culture of your staff and volunteers before inmates show up at your church. But most importantly, how to give inmates the resources they need to get off the ground and into your church.