Solution Focused Strategies.

Learn the most effective formula for helping people establish and achieve realistic goals.

Motivating and Mobilising People.

Learn motivational interviewing techniques that help transition people along the stages of readiness for change.

From Victim to Kingdom Mindset

Learn the neuroscientific underpinnings of human thought, will and emotion and discover ways to genuinely help people renew thinking and activating hope.

Learn how to really help people thrive,

even in difficult times.

Want to see sustainable transformation in the lives of people you serve?

Video Session 1:
Set people up for success.

Help mobilise and motivate the people you work with, set and achieve realistic objectives, and establish Kingdom-mindset foundations.

Video Session 2:
Effectively activate change.

Discover God’s blueprint for transformation, develop a deeper understanding of the human mind, and learn how to activate authentic hope.

Video Session 3:
Tools, technology and transformation.

Putting it all together for practical application... and introducing Peoplecare, an innovative assessment and digital discipleship platform.

Example Curriculum

  How To Effectively Renew Minds And Transform Lives
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