More than 3 billion people haven't heard the Gospel

Did you know that there are specific ethnic, linguistic, and cultural communities in the world that have never truly encountered the Gospel? These are referred to as Unreached People Groups (UPGs). Such groups not only lack Christians among them but often have no access to Christian resources in their native language or context. Imagine, there are over 7 000 of these groups in existence today, encompassing a staggering 3 billion individuals.


The sheer number of people who have not yet encountered the Gospel is a compelling reason to delve deep into understanding, praying for, and actively engaging with UPGs. However, effectively sharing the Gospel isn’t just about speaking, it's about listening to people's stories. It's about respecting and understanding the rich tapestry of global cultures, ensuring that the message of Christ is conveyed without erasing or overshadowing local customs. The Apostle Paul masterfully demonstrated this by integrating the Gospel message into various cultural contexts, allowing for a genuine and deep-rooted understanding.

Join us in this course as we explore the world of UPGs, why they matter, and how you can play a part in this grand mission.

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  Unreached People Groups And Why They Matter
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