Overcoming Church Hurt

The Church can be a wonderful place of community and support, but sometimes people can experience real pain and disappointment in ministry. The reality is that ministry is made up of people like you and me and no-one is perfect. Church hurt isn’t new, in fact we can read in the New Testament about one of the earliest examples of a struggling church with imperfect people (Corinth). Just like the Apostle Paul ministered to the believers in Corinth to overcome their difficulties, we have an opportunity to help others grow in perspective and deepen their relationship with God.

We will provide you with practical steps on how to reconcile those hurt by their church and patiently guide them back to the Body of Christ.

In this course, you will learn:

To position yourself correctly in dealing with a situation where someone has experienced ministry pain.

How to listen mindfully.

To show Jesus’ love by your lifestyle.

How your own experiences can become the building blocks to reconciliation.

To shift the focus from imperfect people and bring the attention back to God.

To remind them of their immense value to God and the Church.

Example Curriculum