The National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) partners with local churches and pioneers to impact nations for Christ through conventional and digital evangelism and discipleship, resulting in the establishment of sustainable, locally-run churches.

Paul Rattray

Paul grew up in Indonesian Borneo with Dayak tribal people. Exposed to many different cultures, he learned to fluently speak several local languages.

Paul earned three degrees in education, including a doctorate, was Convenor of graduate and post-graduate studies in Indonesian language at Griffith University’s Faculty of Applied Languages & Linguistics and did a stint as a researcher at Queensland University of Technology.

Paul also founded an education and training company, ETC, specialising in Indonesia, doing more than 50 projects in the mining, construction and aerospace industries.

Now, Paul leads a global team supporting indigenous pioneering work in 100 nations. His speciality is encouraging sacrificial succession from one generation of leader to the next.

A married father of six children, in his spare time, Paul is a recognised expert in hunting and managing wild red deer, having written and consulted extensively on the topic. He also mentors many with an interest in these fields.

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