What's inside the bundle?

Mastering Online Evangelism: From A to Z serves as an all-in-one resource, specifically curated to assist you in navigating the digital world to share the life-filled message of the gospel. This comprehensive bundle features eight straightforward, practical, and interactive courses designed to guide you through the essentials of online ministry.

In the bundle, you will learn the following topics:

Why Digital’ emphasises the importance of digital tools in ministry, showing you how to communicate the Good News clearly and effectively.

'How To Build An Online Community’ focuses on building a digital home for fellowship, teaching you to create a space for meaningful connections online.

In the ‘Social Media Evangelism’ course, discover how to create and spread engaging evangelistic content across social networks.

Learn how to reach wider audiences with the ‘Digital Evangelism Using Facebook Ads’ course by tapping into the power of Facebook marketing, illustrated by our own successful 'Middle of the Night' campaign.

Digital Evangelism Using Google Grants’ will guide you through setting up the Google Ad Grant campaigns, complete with resources, to connect with people searching for Jesus on Google.

Responding to Faith Questions Online’ equips you to engage thoughtfully with those curious about faith online, helping you navigate conversations with a heart for evangelism.

'Harnessing The Power of Film for the Gospel' teaches you how to create quality videos on a budget, covering scriptwriting to distribution, for effective gospel storytelling​.