Why is sound in video so important

Bad sound will ruin a good video every time – no matter how incredible the message, the actors, cinematography or location. To get the best results, you need good quality, balanced audio, with clear dialogue, no background noise and that guides the viewer emotionally. You have a vital message to share with your community, but that message can only be received if your sound doesn’t distract or annoy the viewer.

Howard Fyvie shares tips and tricks for getting fantastic sounding audio for your upcoming video projects. 

Make a good video, GREAT, by prioritising audio quality during your video planning and production. This will ensure that your important message and God’s Word is clearly heard and experienced.

In this course you will explore:

The importance of audio quality and how sound is 50% of your filming experience.

How sound guides viewers’ emotions.

What you should do to get fantastic sound on set.

Best practices to follow on set.

Tips to improve sound in post-production.

The mindset of a sound engineer.

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